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Spot the difference - MYOB®

Tax tables made by FGHTables have features which distinguish them from tables made by MYOB Australia, partly to ensure there is no suggestion we are simply reselling their tax tables.

One of these features can be seen by selecting from the program menu Lists\Payroll Categories\Taxes then PAYG Withholding. For example in the 'No Tax Free Threshold' table, the fourth digit after the decimal point in the column headed '-b' is always a zero in tables made by FGHTables.

Tax table made by FGH Tables

How a table made by FGHTables would look.

In tax tables made by MYOB Australia the fourth digit in this column varies depending on the details provided by the Australian Tax Office.

Note:The fourth digit after the decimal point does not affect the accuracy of the PAYG calculation.

Table made by MYOB Australia

How a table made by MYOB Australia would look.

Spot the difference - QuickBooks®

Our tax tables for QuickBooks® has the same distinguishing feature as in MYOB® outlined above, however as QuickBooks® does not display the tables in the way MYOB® does, this change is not visible without analysing the raw tax table file.

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